Our ancestors didnt worry about heart disease, cancer or diabetes. They didnt fear Alzheimers or Parkinsons disease. These diseases were so incredibly rare before the 1900s, that they didnt need scientists to solve any mystery. There was no mystery! Our ancestors simply ate food real food, and were nourished. Sure, there was illness and life [...]

15 Most Tragic Celebrity Love Triangles

Love can be so complicated sometimes. They say that it takes two to tango, but is three really a crowd? According to these celebrities, three means divorce or breakup, so yes, three is a crowd. Celebrities, just like all of us, make awful mistakes. They fall in love, they stop being in love, they forget [...]

The Top Hottest Instagram Girls Of 2015

Because modern technology can be a wonderful thing, we look at the sexiest Instagram pictures posted in 2015: Enjoy this collection of the hottest Instagram pictures of 2015. Oct 8, 2015

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