As people look for more and more ways to lose weight, get fit and follow the right diet, whatever the hell that means they eventually come across paleo lifestyles. Theres plenty of misconceptions of paleo and what it is and what it isnt. Lets explore that here! Here we hav: 15 things you didnt know [...]

Kim Kardashian has managed to keep herself in the headlines and the spotlight of pop culture for years now. Finally, science has managed to explain why. Researchers claim that scientific studies show that men are particularly attracted to women with a back that curves exactly 45 degrees from the top of her butt. This attraction [...]

Love can be so complicated sometimes. They say that it takes two to tango, but is three really a crowd? According to these celebrities, three means divorce or breakup, so yes, three is a crowd. Celebrities, just like all of us, make awful mistakes. They fall in love, they stop being in love, they forget [...]