What do you give the Star Wars fan in your life who already owns every piece of themed memorabilia available? Possibly a spot on Hoarders, but if they've still got room in their home, this custom-built R2-D2 pinball machine/coffee table is f**king awesome. The folks over at ALTAR furniture make custom coffee tables out of [...]

Being born rich is arguably the fastest path to wealth. Actually, I guess there really is no argument unless an embryo can win the lottery.For some celebrities, starting on the ground floor and working their way up was the only option. For others, their "day jobs" were a little cushier.Taylor Swift is one star who [...]

It's looking more and more like "Superman" will soon just be "Man."One reason is that Dr. Garth Webb, a Canadian optometrist, says he has created bionic lenses that will give wearers three times better vision than 20/20.The lens placement would only require an 8 minute surgery with a syringe. 10 seconds later, your vision should [...]

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is... unless you're talking about Kizzang.Once you sign up for an account, you can win cash prizes daily by playing 100% free Slots, Sweepstakes, Sports Parlay and Scratchcards. No in-app purchases. No hidden costs. No catch.That's the promise Kizzang makes on their official site and [...]

Uh... It's about time. Thanks. Oh, you've gotten LinkedIn emails. Lots of them. A plethora of them. And just in case you forgot that you received a LinkedIn email saying "Johnny Smith would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond," LinkedIn will remind with another email letting you know that Johnny [...]

Unless you found yourself a great internship while you were in college, there's a pretty good chance you've had part-time jobs working retail or at a restaurant up until now.College students are taught basic essentials for the career into which they want to go, but they aren't always taught the necessary steps to getting into [...]

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