There are some people who do or did a great job at keeping their fortune a secret. Here are ten people you did not know were mega rich. Here is the beloved political commentator that we love to hate. Did anyone know that he is worth $30 million. No one ever expects presidents to be [...]

Some pets just can`t take it anymore, and this list is definitely going to shed some light on that. Here are ten pets who went made on their owners. After forgetting to feed her pet dog for nearly nine days, the dog attacked her in her sleep and nearly killed her. Owning two German Shepherds [...]

Some parents really take it to the extreme when punishing their kids. Here are ten crazy punishments parents give to their children. One parent made his child drink hot sauce for showing up home after curfew. I bet he never did it again. One clever mom made her son grab her breasts because he sexually [...]

When there is a will there is a way. That said, here are then people who survived the impossible. Kyle Norman was rescued hours after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. He was buried under more than 10 tons of rubble. Slavomir Rawicz escaped a Soviet Gulgag by walking nearly 4000 miles in [...]

Becoming rich and famous isn`t as hard as people make it out to be. Here are ten easy and real ways to become rich and famous. Record yourself doing something memorable, stupid, or amazing and you`re on the path to becoming rich and famous. You might not be rich doing this, but you can become [...]

Having any kind of parents can be pretty irritating, but some parents just do things to rock your nerves. Here are ten of the most annoying things your parents do. Some things really bother kids, and they hate talking about it. Some parents are really consistent in making their kids talk. This is an ultimate [...]

Exorcisms are some of the most craziest things that happen on this Earth. Here are ten real life exorcims In 2011, Anneliese Michel killed after an exorcism gone wrong at her church. She was beaten on the head with a cross. This artist was reportedly exorcised in 1947, and it was so bizarre that the [...]

The world is definitely your oyster. With that being said, here are ten ultimate getaways without much travel. St. Louis is definitely a place you would want to visit this spring. It houses one of the biggest attracting in the world. Who doesn`t love amusement parks? This is definitely the place to go with four [...]

Some rich people may be generous in more ways than none, but here are ten mega rich people who are super greedy. Cena may be every child`s hero, but his spending is greedy at best. He has four million dollar homes across the world. He really isn`t a good actor but he charges big money [...]

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